Coaching for ADHD and Executive Function Disorders

What are executive functions?

Executive functions are higher level thought processes and goal-directed skills necessary to manage our lives.  They include the abilities to focus and sustain attention, to initiate behavior, to plan and organize, to prioritize and manage time, to sustain effort, and to set and follow through on goals.

What are the three components of executive function coaching?

The primary goal of coaching is metacognitive training.  By learning to think about their own thinking, children and adults can understand how they learn and how to direct their brain processes in more efficient ways.  Through coaching, clients can take better control of their own minds instead of letting distractions and emotions derail them from their performance and their goals.

Coaching also includes increasing motivation by helping clients understand how changes in behavior can help them achieve what is important to them.

Learning new behavioral strategies and how to implement them is an essential component of coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does coaching work?

Coaching is not therapy and it's not tutoring.

An executive function coach is like a personal trainer for the mind.  

New skills, strategies, and methods are learned and practiced to improve academic and work performance and to achieve specific goals.

New skills will be applied to current course material and ongoing projects.

How long will coaching last?

Some clients find they benefit from just one or two sessions, while others engage in coaching sessions for several months.

There is no minimum or maximum requirement, but a good guideline is eight to ten weeks.  

Clients are encouraged to gain mastery of their new skills and strategies and learn to apply them to their lives without ongoing guidance or instruction, although check-in and booster sessions are available.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Children and adults with ADD/ADHD.

Twice-exceptional children and adults.

Students with test anxiety.

Anyone who struggles with motivation, task initiation, planning, organization, and focusing and sustaining attention.

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