As we learned in the spring of 2020, remote learning is a challenge.  Teaching our children from home becomes even more complicated for single parents or when both parents are employed.  Children with learning disabilities or with ADHD find remote learning especially challenging.

Some schools are offering a choice between a fully remote option or a hybrid remote/in school alternating schedule.  Other parents are choosing to take on the challenge of homeschooling for the first time.  Many parents don't have the luxury of choosing.  But there are tools and strategies that can make things smoother and less stressful for everyone.

One-to-one virtual coaching sessions are available via Zoom or other platforms to help you and your family work through this process.  Depending on the age and cognitive ability of your child, coaching sessions might be with children or in other cases, consulting with parents might be more appropriate.  Contact Dr. Poggioli for a free consultation to discuss your child and current learning situation and needs.  

Tips & Strategies

  • Flexibility vs. Structure:  Definitely try to set up a designated place to work with all of your child's school supplies, computer, etc.  But if sometimes they need to work inside a tent fort in the middle of the living room, let them (as long as they are getting their work done).

  • Schedule: Again, try to strike a balance between flexibility and structure. If having the same schedule every day works for you and your family, great!  But some families work better sitting down each morning and planning figuring out the plan of attack.   


  • Be creative with your schedule design.  Pick some silly add-ins and mix them up into the schedule, or let your child help determine which activities will happen when.

  • Remember that kids are used to getting up and moving around a lot during the day.  They're not used to sitting in front of the computer.  Alternate learning times with active times and include things like gonoodle, races up and down the hall, online gym classes, art time, snacks, even small chores.


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